Bride’s Guide | What to wear for the first dance

Consider wearing a dance heel

Consider purchasing a dance heel for your first dance and reception. Unlike regular high heels, a dance shoe is more flexible, having a padded, suede sole for better mobility and leather straps to secure your feet. A dance heel is both beautiful and comfortable, and will keep you dancing until the wee hours of the morning!

Find a store near you to try on a pair.

Bustle your Dress A bustle lifts and consolidates the train of your gown, so that it no longer falls on the floor. A seamstress adds buttons, hooks or ribbons into the dress to make it easier for you to move around after the ceremony.During your dance and reception you will be stepping backwards and a long train can be cumbersome or may cause you to trip.


Wear the right bra and practice in it Dangling bra straps and pulling up a dress is never a good look. Make sure you choose a bra that properly supports you, so that you're not tugging or pulling up on your dress while you're dancing. Be sure to practice in your bra during your lessons. Is it comfortable? Can you move freely?