How should dance shoes fit?!

db studios how should dance shoes fit?

How dance shoes should fit

  1. Your heel should be completely flush to the back of your shoe. Each designer has a different shaped heel so try on a bunch of pairs until you find a shape that works. There should be no gapping anywhere.
  2. Your toes should go to the edge of, and maybe even a little over the toe bed. You heard that right, a little over! When you pointe your feet the fabric will bunch under your foot if your shoe is too big. When trying on a new dance shoe always try pointing your feet to see how much extra fabric there is.
  3. It should be tight, but not suffocating. Dance shoes stretch as you wear them, so when you purchase a pair they should be pretty snug. Since dance shoes are made up of mostly leather, when you dance and sweat they will stretch to a comfortable size. 
  4. Work your way up to a high heel ladies. As your ankles become stronger you will be able to wear a higher heel, but we recommend starting off small. It's important to maintain proper alignment and posture, and if your heels are too high this won't be possible. We recommend starting off at 2" or 2.5"