How to memorize routines

How to easily memorize your ballroom dance routines

1.) Write down your figures in sequence for each dance, be sure to use a separate piece of paper for each dance. It's important to write the name of the step, as well as the proper timing. Keep your routines in either a notebook, folder, or journal. Be sure to keep them in something durable that will fit in your dance bag.

2.) Take your first figure and dance through it at least 7 times, focusing only on where your feet go. Once you feel comfortable enough with the first figure, add the second. Dance through your second figure 7 times and then move onto your 3rd. Repeat until you reach the end of your routine. 

3.) Begin to dance through your routine from the beginning to the end. If you mess up, start from the beginning and try everything over again. Keep going until you are able to start from the beginning and get all the way to the end without messing up. Drilling transitions is the key to memorizing a full routine..... this step will take several tries.

4.) Dance your routines to music from start to finish trying to avoid hesitating between figures. Repeat each style at least 7 times to music before you switch to another dance.

5.) Change your surroundings. If you always start in one corner of the room (guilty) then try starting your routine in all four corners. It's important to constantly change locations so that you don't memorize your steps according to the room you're in.