Student Of The Month: Don Campbell

Don Campbell is the type of guy that you just can't help but smile when you are around. He is so kind and friendly- always going up to other students to tell them how much he enjoys watching them dance. That's why it wasn't a hard decision making him db studios first ever student of the month!

Don started taking lessons about 7 years ago at a Fred Astaire franchise. He first started dancing for something new to do, and once he started he was hooked. Over the years Don has competed, performed in numerous showcases and formations... it's safe to say he's the real deal.

Recently Don fell in love with International Style dancing after watching a local competition. When he joined db studios he told me of his hopes to become a more serious, and dedicated dancer. He wanted to switch from American Style to International Style. For any of you out there who don't know how hard a transition like that is... trust me, hard is an understatement.

All of the patterns are different, the timing, the rise and fall... it's a huge challenge. Not only has Don taken on the challenge with a good attitude, but he has worked extrememly hard!! Don is a great example of "where there's a will, there's a way."

On behalf of db studios I would like to congratulate Don for all of his hard work and incredible progress. Here are some pictures of Don's journey along the way.