First Dance Bliss: Wedding couples' guide

What kind of song works best for a first dance?

I always tell couples that the best songs have a clear beat. Something that you could tap, clap, snap, or even bob your head to! If you can easily hear the beat then you are golden! That being said any song can be danced to, it just might take a little more effort.

Once we select a song, how do you decide on the choreography?

It ALWAYS depends on the couple and what they want! I always take the time to get to know my clients, and make sure that the dance & style will match who they are. Some couples want to go all out and become a Youtube sensation, while others just want to avoid the high school sway. I work very hard to tailor the steps and styles to the personalities and preferences of my clients.

How long should our song be?


The best length is somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes. I usually help couples edit their music so that the dance falls somewhere in that timeline. Editing the music allows me to truly customize a perfect first dance!

How far in advance should we start taking lessons?

The sooner you can start the better! In a perfect world I recommend that couples start at least four months before their wedding. In order for a dance to feel natural and comfortable, it takes time to get the steps in muscle memory. Once you have the steps we work on timing, leading/following, twirls/dips/tricks, and lastly we add the styling.

How many lessons should we take? Are there different options?

I always make my recommendation after working with a couple for the first time. All of my intro lessons are thirty minutes of dancing with fifteen minutes of discussion afterwards. During the first lesson I consider: how quickly you pick up information, what teaching style works best, how comfortable you feel, and how easily you move. After we dance I sit and get to know more about what you envision your first dance to look like. Once I take all those factors into consideration I make a recommendation.

What should we wear to our lessons?

If you have your wedding shoes please bring them to your lessons! It is important to start breaking in your shoes, and getting familiar with how they feel. It is especially important for those wearing a high heel to practice and be sure that they feel comfortable and stable.

What if one of us has two left feet?

Perfect, that's my specialty! If everyone knew how to dance I would be out of a job and that would be very sad. My student's are always amazed at how quickly and easily they learn to dance. Most find out that they had a fear of dancing and don't actually have two left feet. My students are always amazed at how much they actually enjoy dancing. I love showing students that they had moves deep down all along!

**We are really busy and don't think that we can take regular lessons.

We are flexible... I am here to help make learning to dance easy and fun. If you are short on time there are a couple solutions that you might find useful.
1.) Take a double lesson- This is a great solution for those who find it difficult coming in multiple times a week. Taking a 90 minute lesson not only helps with retention but it also gets the job done quicker!
2.) Come to one of our wedding boot camps. Our wedding boot camps are two hours long and will teach you basic steps to get you through. You will not get receive as much individual attention in these camps, but you will leave with with solid basic steps.
3.) Consider turning your dance lessons into a date night combo. I find lots of my couples use their dance lessons as a fun night out together. It is a great stress reliever as well as a fun pre-wedding activity. Whenever my couples come in tired or stressed they always leave laughing and happy!

Any last tips?
1.) Try and remember that learning to dance is a life-long skill. This is something that you can do at parties, other weddings, is good exercise, a date night and so much more!

2.) Remember that the higher the heel does not make it the better heel. I've seen countless brides struggle walking, let alone dancing in their 6 inch heels. It's important that the bride look confident and comfortable rather than shaky and uneasy. If you are set on a high heel consider a wedge, it's more supportive and easier to walk in. Or (my favorite option) is a ballroom dance shoe. They are easy to move in, have padded soles, and are flexible to help you move comfortably. Below are some examples of great ballroom shoes that could double as wedding shoes. I also give some examples of good heel height, and some not so good heel heights.

The dress bustle is a must! It is important to feel comfortable moving around the dance floor effortlessly after taking lessons. If you have a long train it is important to get it bustled so that it won't trip you up on your first dance!

 A wedding gown before the bustle

A wedding gown before the bustle

 Another angle of the train before bustle

Another angle of the train before bustle

 Here the dress is bustled and ready for a night of dancing!

Here the dress is bustled and ready for a night of dancing!