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db studios is honored to have been featured on Without A Hitch's website as a top vendor! Check out the article here or read below and let us know what you think!! 

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We are thrilled to feature a guest blog from one of our favorite friends at DB Studios. In case you didn't know, DB stands for Dancing Buns, which is exactly what owner Kendall Sealey encourages all of her students to have.  Enjoy these tips for your first dance (or any dance) and be sure to read to the end for something just for you!

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#1 Bustle Your Dress

he follower will walk backwards, and a long train can be cumbersome or cause you to trip.

#2 Wear The Right Shoes

onsider purchasing a dance heel for your first dance and reception. The sole of dance shoes is padded and made of suede which is incredibly comfortable. A dance heel is a beautiful and comfortable option that will keep you dancing until the wee hours of the night (or morning)!

#3 Keep Your Feet on the Ground

eaders should always keep their feet on the ground... literally! It's important to slide your feet on the floor during your first dance. This ensures that your feet will glide beneath your partner's dress, avoiding any mishaps or trips!

#4 Plan for Photos

Make sure to talk with your photographer about what shots you want to get of your first dance. There are important moments like twirls, dips, and tricks that you will want to be sure they capture!

#5 Capture Those Moves

If you don't have a wedding videographer, make sure that you ask a few different friends to video your dance. It's a moment you will want to remember forever so getting it on video is important. Ask a couple of friends to video... someone is bound to forget :)

#6 *Bonus* Take a Free Lesson!

For a limited time, friends and clients of Without A Hitch can take a 45-minute introductory lesson at no charge, with no strings attached.  Just contact Kendall and mention Without A Hitch to redeem.  Check out all db's success stories here

About Dancing Buns
Kendall Sealey adores working with wedding couples. She believes that working on a first dance is the most fun item on the wedding to-do check list! Dance lessons at her studio are spent laughing, learning, and connecting. She lives for the moments when her couples grin from ear to ear after learning a new step, nailing their dip, or simply getting lost in each other on the dance floor. She believes that no matter how you feel about your dance skills, she can get you to a place of ease and comfort for your first dance! She has worked with many couples in New England and is excited to meet you!