Do I Need Dance Lessons For My Wedding?

Answer these six questions and discover if dance lessons are for YOU!

1.) Do you feel comfortable dancing in front of others?

On your wedding day all eyes will be on you, including during your first dance. If everyone watching you dance makes you nervous, taking lessons can really ease the anxiety of it all! You will learn steps, how to lead & follow, all to the beat of the music. Lessons prepare you so that you feel confident and relaxed!

2.) Have you thought about what you want your first dance to look like?

If you have put thought into what your dance will look like chances are you should take dance lessons. Whether you are motivated by fear or joy dance lessons can help you achieve what you have been dreaming of. Don't want to stand there and sway for two minutes? Take lessons. Don't want to embarrass yourself? Take lessons. Have dreams of becoming a youtube sensation. Take lessons. Don't care at all? Don't take lessons!

3.) Do you and your fiance dance together often?

So you like to boogie out on the dance floor on your own, does that mean that you can slow dance together easily......? unfortunately not. Partnered dancing takes real skill/practice and if you aren't used to dancing close to your partner then dance lessons can really help! Building a connection with your partner is essential when it comes to feeling comfortable for a first dance!

4.) Are you the type that likes to improvise or have a plan?

If you are the type of person who likes to be spontaneous then dance lessons may not be as useful! Dance lessons are better suited for those looking to learn how to navigate a dance floor. During the lessons you will learn new steps, how to lead & follow, all in time to the music! Doing so will give you fabulous results, but it's better suited for those who like to have a little structure!

5.) Do you like the idea of learning something new together?

Most couples who take dance lessons for their wedding have little to no prior dance experience, making it a new experience for both of you! Dance lessons become a great way for couples to unwind, learn a new skill, and enjoy a shared hobby. It can become both a stress reliever and date night :)

6.) What stage of wedding planning are you in?

In order to feel comfortable and confident you need to give yourself time. If you are a week away from your wedding, I wouldn't recommend dance lessons. When you are crunched on time the lessons become stressful, and don't typically yield good results. Consider taking dance lessons at least two months before the big day so that you feel confident, prepared, and excited!