Contemporary Jazz 1

Grades 2-5

Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm

1 hour class // meets 1x per week

Contemporary 1 is a great introduction to the art of contemporary dance. Using a ballet based warm-up we take students through a series of exercises that promote balance, flexibility, coordination, and musicality. We then move on to combinations across the floor, where we combine a series of elements including: kicks, turns, jumps, and floor work. Class then finishes with students learning a combination that encourages students to develop their own personal style.

Attire: Girls are to wear black leotard, black or pink tights, tan jazz shoes with hair in a bun. Boys are to wear black pants, black t-shirt, and tan jazz shoes.

Tuition: $520 for fall/winter 2018-2019 session (26 weeks)