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We are currently in our Spring/summer 2019 as well as our Fall/Winter 2019-2020 session. Prorated tuition is available for all classes that are currently running.

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Studio Policies

  1. In order to cancel your private lesson and avoid a full lesson charge, please cancel your lesson 24 hours in advance. You can either leave a phone message or email us to let us know that you wish to cancel.

  2. Please change out of your street shoes and into your dance shoes before walking on the dance floor. No street shoes are allowed on our dance floor!

  3. Refunds for unused private lessons must be expressed in writing and will be completed 30 days from receiving request minus 20%. No exceptions. No refunds for unlimited group class passes, gift certificates, or used class pass classes, or gift certificates.

  4. Gift certificates may not be redeemed for cash or transferred to another student.

  5. Youth program refunds will be given for remaining unused fall/winter classes up until the second week of the session only with written request from parent/guardian and doctors note.

  6. No refunds for summer programs, camps, competitions, and conventions will be given. All sales final, no exceptions.

  7. All late payments and bounced checks will be fined $25

  8. All competition payments must be received prior to competition deadlines. NO entries will be filed until payment is received.

  9. db studios requires that all students adhere to our studio code of conduct, and reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not follow our code of conduct. Dismissal will be enforced by studio director, Kendall Sealey.

Code Of Conduct

INTEGRITY: To conduct oneself with honesty, courtesy, and respect. To express consideration for one’s fellow dancers, educators, parents, staff and competitors. To be a person who leads by example and honors commitments. To be a person other people can count on.

LEADERSHIP: To guide, direct and influence people in achieving their highest goals and ideals. By setting an example through one’s actions and speech. To inspire and serve the people of your class, team, or community through full participation in all dance related activities.

RESPONSIBILITY: To respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio or the organizers of any conference, workshop, or competition. To be a person who interacts with peers and authority figures in a mature manner. To question authority in a respectful manner. To speak of any issue or grievance to the person who is able to resolve any concern. To be willing to receive coaching and direction when deemed appropriate.

CHARACTER: To be a person who represents high levels of personal integrity, leadership, and responsibility for oneself and others. A person who has the courage and willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity. To avoid gossip, criticism, or denigrating comments for any member of the dance community, parent, or peers.

PROFESSIONALISM: To respect the dance profession and uphold our values and standards of conduct. To support and encourage one another. To voice opinions and initiate change that will elevate the dance community. To recognize oneself as a role model at all times. To love the study and performance of dance as a universal art form.

Practice Time/Standing appointments: All students must request practice floor time in advance, please do not assume you can come anytime to practice. Standing appointments are granted on a first come serve basis, and are scheduled monthly. Standing appointments will often need to change due to group class calendar changes, special events etc. No standing appointment is guaranteed.

Monthly Pass: All monthly pass members must pay for pass before the first of the month. No exceptions will be made. Payments may be made over the phone, by email, or by storing your cc with the studio.

  • Respect for teachers, parents and peers will be expected at all times. Cliques or bullying will not be tolerated. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the class, and parents will be contacted.

  • Any student arriving late must check in at the front desk. Please wait until the exercise is finished before entering the class. Please enter the studio quickly and quietly so as not to disrupt the class.

  • Dancers must be dressed in proper attire (dress code) for every youth dance class.

  • Parents must Inform the school promptly about absences or late arrivals.

  • Ensure to pick up students no more than 15 minutes after class ends.

  • Do not interrupt classes while in progress. Please make an appointment at the front desk if you wish to book a meeting with a teacher.

  • Disruptive talking or behavior in class will lead to early dismissal of student.

  • No street shoes are to be worn in the studio.

  • Destroying property/vandalism will result in dismissal from any db studios program.We look forward to having your child in class!