Modern 1

Ages 11-14

Thursdays, 4:15 - 5:15 pm

60 minute class // meets 1x per week

Modern 1 is for the introductory study of modern dance techniques. Topics include kinesthetic perception, efficient and proper alignment, strength, flexibility, movement qualities, exploring new vocabularies and phrasing styles, and individual embodiment of movement material. This is an excellent class for those who are new to modern dance.

Attire: Girls are to black leotard, black tights, socks, with hair secured to head. Boys are to wear black pants, black t-shirt, and black ballet slippers. Attire can be purchased at our studio dance store, The Dancers’ Closet.

Tuition: $520 for fall/winter 2019-2020 session (26 weeks) plus $30 registration fee.