About First Dance Lessons

db Studios specialize in creating beautiful, effortless, and romantic first dances. When all eyes are on you, it's important to feel confident during your first dance. Our friendly instructors will help you learn a routine that embodies who you are as a couple and inspires your guest to join you in the celebration. Find your first dance bliss with db studios! 

Private lessons allow us to customize routines according to a couples’ individual needs, style, and skill level. Fill out the form below and receive a FREE introductory private lesson. This is a great way to visit our studio, experience a lesson and create a customized lesson program.

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Db Studios’ Kendall Sealey Will Get You First-Dance-Ready

Whether you’re trying to waltz or cha-cha your way into marriage, DB Studios’ Kendall Sealey knows the steps to get you there.



First Dance Bliss In Action

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