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Ptown Dancesport Open Competition

Join db studios for a wonderful competition in Ptown!! Please fill out and print form below and return to Kendall with entries!

 db studios registration form


Date: __________________________

Arrival Date:___________ Departure Date: ____________




☐Registration Fee: $25 per person                                       Total: ________

☐Studio Fee: $50 per person                                                Total: ________

☐Waterfront Hotel: Friday/Saturday ($180 per night)            Total: ________

☐Courtside Hotel: Friday/Saturday ($160 per night)             Total: ________


☐Samba Formation Team: $15 per person                            Total: ________

☐Showcase: $35 AM/AM                                                       Total: ________

☐Single Dance Entries AM/AM: $15 per heat                        Total: ________

☐Single Dance Entries PRO/AM: $40 per heat                      Total: ________

☐Championship Round AM/AM: $80 per heat                       Total: ________

☐Championship Round PRO/AM: $120 per heat                   Total: ________



Would you like to join us on Friday afternoon for fun in Ptown?  Yes/No

Number of adults in hotel room? ____________


Special Requests? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Single heat/championship partners:





_______________________________                                           Total Due: ______________

                                                                                    Early Bird Discount - _____________

                                                                                                     Final Due: _____________



Signature: __________________________________ Date: __________________


Deposit Amount: $________________ 50% Early bird July 1st, or July 20th

Remaining Due: $ ________________   Due by July 1st for early bird or August 1st


Please go to: for competition information and more!

Earlier Event: September 14
Later Event: October 20
Grand Opening Party!